Things That Would Rock in Rock Band 3

We appreciate the improvements Rock Band 2 had over Rock Band 1, better drums, wireless instruments, getting rid of the band leader requirement, including drum trainer, and the improved sorting abilities (which Rock Band’s store has had).  With rumors of Rock Band 3 being in the works, we’ve compiled a list of things that would “rock” in Rock Band 3.

  1. More Sorting Features:  Sort by purchase/download date would be one awesome addition for sorting, especially for downloaded songs.  And with the ever-increasing amount of songs in Rock Band’s Store, this feature is becoming a must.
  2. Personal Rating System:  Having the ability to personally rate each song in the setlist and sorting by that rating would be very cool for “Rock Band parties.”
  3. User-Created Family Safe Mode:  The Rock Band franchise can be easily made family-friendly by allowing users to rate songs as family-friendly or not family-friendly.  Don’t be mistaken, LEGO Rock Band IS much-more family friendly than Rock Band 1 & 2, but what one family considers appropriate is not necessarily the same as another family’s opinion.  Allow the user to decide.
  4. SAVED User-Created Setlists/Playlists:  In Quick Play or for Make Your Own Setlists in Tour, we should have the option to save the setlist.  Saved User-Created Setlists/Playlists would be a nice feature to help impress your friends and make chosing the right song(s) quicker at Rock Band parties.
  5. Ability to Easily Change Instruments Without Logging Out and Logging Back In:  Why haven’t Guitar Hero and Rock Band done this already?  If more than one profile is logged in, having a profile change instruments is a pain.  There needs to be a way to change instruments in an easier manner.
  6. A (Balanced) Veto System For Mystery Setlists and Possibly Also Cities:  Ever get into a mystery setlist and come up against a song that was impossible to beat on the difficulty setting you chose?  A 1-song-veto option per mystery setlist would be much appreciated.  Again, you only get to veto 1 song per mystery setlist.  The same idea could be implemented for a city.  You get to veto one song per city and swap it out with a song of equal difficulty of your choice.  This was songs like “Visions” can be avoided by those of us who despise playing it.
  7. Replace the Failing System With Something Else That Makes More Sense:  “Failing” out of a song is so “last-gen”.  Something else that makes sense should be used.  Failing out doesn’t make sense anyway for playing a gig… If one can only beat a song with 2 stars, so be it, but they should LOSE fans and be docked in pay because of it.  That is just one idea that could make sense.  If a user does very poorly on x number of songs in a venue, they could be banned from it, but with a way to earn access back into that venue (maybe by doing better at another… just a thought).
  8. Allow the Ability of a One User to Control What Songs Are Chosen:  Ever play with someone who can’t help but to wail on the drums when you’re helplessly trying to choose what songs you’re going to play in a setlist?  How annoying.  If there was a way to only have one user’s input control what songs are being chosen, then that crazy wailing drummer could whack their drums as much as they want.
  9. Make Sure Easy Mode Isn’t Too Hard:  While most of us who have played Rock Band for quite some time are likely used to playing on Hard or Expert, making sure Easy mode isn’t too hard for beginners is a must, especially for drums.  We don’t think people playing on Easy will ever complain that it’s too easy, because when they start to feel that way, they move to Medium.
  10. Adaptive Difficulty Mode:  Here’s an idea… allow for an adaptive difficulty mode to be turned on/off.  The user chooses the difficulty level to start with and then as the song progresses, the difficulty level gets easier or harder depending on how well the person does in the song.

 Love or hate any of these ideas?  Sound off in the comments section below.


7 Responses

  1. 5. Shut off your controller. Turn the one you want on.

    Oooh, brutal.

    • You misunderstood #5. Yes, your steps work great when only one person is logged on, but when all 4 are logged on and you want to switch instruments and likewise have the profiles switch accordingly, it’s a pain.

  2. You can add this to the list.

    A world wide release, not a lame effort like Rock Band 2 (which still hasn’t been released in some countries)

  3. […] jebr0nie over at his blog offers 10 great ideas for Rock Band 3. I give all his ideas a big THUMBS UP: […]

  4. They actually have something like #7 in Lego Rock Band. You fail out, you lose a chunk of your score, and you have to play all the notes correctly to get it back.

  5. Seems like you are channeling me. Why stop at 10. we could easily done a top 25.

    5) I agree swapping instruments is annoying. Especially in a Lan party. Or when you are switching to another game with a regular controller and then realize your id is still tied to the guitar. When I am on another controller why does it gray out my id when another controller signs in. It should prompt you to boot the id from the other controller.

    7) The LEGO solution is great. They should enable this for EVERY song though. Some songs in LEGO have this turned off.

    We also need the ability to flip which side of the TV the guitars are on. For that matter we should be able to switch all three instruments to any of the three highways.

    Audition Mode has a “time left in song” count. That would be nice to see either graphically or having the option (off by default) to actually display count.

    Have the ability to have the computer play the other parts. For example it would be nice to have the option to scroll the lyrics when playing guitar. In guitar breaks or easy parts you can try to learn some of the words. This would also allow you to keep the same look when solo or in a group. (Sometimes switching tv size/note chart size can make reading expert notes charts weird) That also happens a little when going from single note chart to triple highways. This effect is the most apparent when switching my 42″ plasma to my friend’s whole wall projector.

    You should be able to sign in and out mid song. (Kinda like LEGO SW, IJ, BM) The computer just plays the part if no one is in that highway at the time.

    Ability to connect a real electric drum set without having to do mods. I know there are expensive third party hacks do it but there should be an official product/support.

    Tweak the guitar notes graphics to indicate up and down strokes and then give bonus points for strumming correctly. Don’t have to do it but it is rewarded if you do.

    Similar to the previous idea, give bonus points for playing the HOPOs as charted.

    Swipe the enhancements in guitar hero. HOPO sustain, open base notes, etc.

    Chart what you actually played.against the actual chart. Maybe this is only in practice but why not take it a far as Bungie would. Upload your chart compare for review online. That will really help figure out why you consistently drop a note in a certain spot.

    Once again a nod to Bungie: Stats, Stats, Stats Stats

    Ability to slow practice all the way to zero. Sometimes you need to study the chart to figure out what you are doing.

    In practice drum mode, put in a recommended sticking. Knowing when you use a paradiddle or start a fill with your left hand can make all the difference.

    Obviously go with the harmony vocal feature from the Beatles game.

    Ability to set a start/stop point in practice. I can’t tell you how many times I needed to practice a single riff or drum fill but it wasn’t until 20 seconds into a section. This would also have been helped if you could freeze the chart to analyze what you are suppose to play.

    In addition to adaptive difficulty, have the ability to change this setting at anytime without restarting the song. This is especially for lan parties when an expert player has to step away and a beginner wants to play.

    If you hover over a song in the store then automatically download the preview to play.

    Use the right thumb stick to scroll the store list while listening to a preview.

    The Beatles game sort of does this in Beatles beat. The drum trainer should include all complicated patterns for the songs in the game.

    Similar to Beatles beats there should be a Guitar Riffs trainer that walks through the games Guitar riffs.

    Ok…I have to stop…

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