Transformers: War for Cybertron Characters Compared to How They Looked Before in G1

Now that most of the characters have been announced (we think) for High Moon Studios’ Transformers: War for Cybertron video game, let’s take a look at how these new designs compare to how they looked originally.  Most characters are based off of their G1 (Generation 1… as in original 80’s cartoon) counterparts.  The only exceptions (so far?) are Demolishor (based off of Transformers: Armada), Barricade (based off of the 2007 Transformers Live Action Movie), and Slipstream (based off of Transformers: Animated).  The following is a visual display of how the characters look in the new video game compared to what they used to look like.  Larger versions of each image can be viewed by clicking on the picture.


Optimus Prime




Jetfire (known as Skyfire in the 80’s cartoon)


Air Raid



Arcee (female character)

Jazz (*available from Best-Buy pre-order)

Omega Supreme (one of the “big boss” battles)










Slipstream (female character)

Shockwave (*available from Gamestop pre-order)

Demolishor (*available from pre-order)

Trypticon (one of the "big boss" battles)

Items of note: *pre-order characters Jazz, Shockwave, and Demolishor are only playable in Escalaton Mode.  Omega Supreme and Trypticon are not playable characters.  You play against them — against Omega Supreme in the decepticon story and against Trypticon in the autobot story.  Silverbolt and Air Raid were Aerialbots in the original cartoon.  Brawl was a Combaticon and Breakdown was a Stunticon.

So, what do you think?  Did High Moon Studios do a good job on their character designs or are some disappointing in your mind?  Sound off in the comments section below.


7 Responses

  1. As a life long Transformers fan, I couldn’t be more excited for this game. The character designs are just magnificant and I can only hope that there’ll be plenty more familar characters in the game. 🙂

  2. High moon did an awesome job recreating these guys. I’m glad they didn’t make Soundwave’s alternate form the 80’s deck tape (or is it boom box?), but it makes an appearance in the end credits (he transforms into it and the credits music plays).

    Aside from some minor changes they all almost look exactly like their 80’s cartoon counterpart sans the vehicle form.

  3. Hey there, guys… we finished War for Cybertron but have 4 locked decepticon characters! Any idea who we’re missing, and any cheat codes? We have:


    Any help would be totally appreciated. Thanks!

    • Do you have the Wii or DS version of the game?

      The xbox360 and PS3 version does not have Motormaster, Cyclonus, or Ramjet. There is another DLC content coming out on Sept. 7 for the PS3 and xbox360 (for the U.S.) and I don’t know what characters will be in that release.

      The only decepticon characters I see that’s not on your list that is available for the xbox360 and PS3 are Thundercracker, Slipstream, Demolishor (DLC1), and Onslaught (DLC1).

  4. you forgot Onslaught, Dead end, Zeta Prime and Scattershot. Zeta prime is based on Sentinel Prime and Ultra Magnus

  5. Hey i just want to ask where do u get these war for cybertron pics (only the left ones)

    • High Moon Studios War for Cybertron website had those pictures for each character, but that was years ago.

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