Figure Skating: Now I Remember Why I Don’t Watch the Winter Olympics

Just Say NO

Figure Skating… now I remember.  Now I remember why I don’t watch the Winter Olympics on NBC.  Don’t get me wrong, I dig snow boarding, ski-jumps, and stuff like that, but what do I (almost) always find on NBC?  Figure Skating.  Ugh.  I’m sure some people can “appreciate” this “sport”, but not me.  Same thing with Gymnastics in the Summer Olympics:  Both are sports that take skill, but both are judged in a political dumb manner.  I just love it (sarcasm) when the commentators act all surprised by a bad score.  As if that’s new to the “sport”.

My Humble Suggestions:  Why can’t they put an obstacle course on the ice and score the skaters on how many flips they can do while jumping over the stuff?  I don’t care how “pretty” they land the jumps, just a mere landing while flipping and spinning over obstacles would be entertaining.  Another idea:  make a half pipe of ice and have the figure skaters do their flips and spins on that.  Or maybe have themed nights for the music.  One night could be 80’s Metal, another night Gangsta Rap.  And lose these stupid outfits!  Lastly, why not have a few of the judges give their opinions after the skater is done with their routine, like in American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?  (NOTE:  JeBr0nie only watches DWTS when guys like Chuck Liddell are competing… cut me some slack)

I don’t know.  I’m sure I’m being insensitive or whatever, but I just think the “sport” needs an upgrade.

What do you think?  Got better suggestions?  Let your voice be heard below in the comments section.